Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising model in which advertisers need to pay a publisher an amount each time a user clicks on any of their online ads. It is for the purpose of directing traffic to a website or sales page or generating leads online.
PPC Advertising Includes
  • We provide effective PPC strategies to help it contribute to your business goals
  • Our PPC plans let you stay in control of where you wish to invest small and increase your spending
Video Advertising
Video content is the future of digital marketing, and your business needs to invest in video advertising to gain more eyeballs and increase sales. Our Video Advertising services can help you do that effectively.
Display Advertising
Display Advertising is a model of paid advertising that puts across your brand message onto publisher’s sites using texts, logos, photographs, animations and videos. VMavericks can help in planning your display advertising campaigns.
Search Engine Advertising
Our Search Engine Advertising services can help your businesses run text ads on search engines like Google. This form of paid search advertising is used mainly for lead generation.
The Social Media Advertising services of VMavericks will help run paid social media campaigns on all vital social podiums. This will help you generate leads and make your content go viral.
Remarketing Services
Remarketing uses targeted ads to customers who have already visited a website or have performed some action on it. It helps to connect with your customers and position targeted ads for a defined audience. We can help you do that easily.

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