Designo Pro 2 SEO and Launch Jacking Case Study

Designo Pro 2 SEO and Launch Jacking Case Study

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Product Details

Designo Pro 2 Review

Designo Pro 2 is one of the reputed web-based apps that allow users to edit and create images and graphics with utter brilliance. What’s more, this cloud-based image editing app uses vector-based designs within the software. It is one of the modern techniques used ever in photo editing. As a result, the graphics that comes out is as astounding as possible.

Designo Pro 2  features at a glance:

  • Makes it easier for a user to edit a wide range of images and graphics like logos and banners by utilizing the app’s available functionalities
  • Provides the users with over 200 ready-made templates to use in multiple niches as per your needs
  • You can upload your own template to enrich your own database
  • Customize your own files and share on social media platforms
  • Plenty of choices of filters, fonts and filters
  • Creating icons, illustrations and decorating websites is now a child’s play
  • Much easier to use interface

Campaign Summary

With the app being so popular, VMavericks wanted to do launch jacking and generate affiliate sales. In simple words, VMavericks wanted to generate organic and referral traffic to the Designo Pro 2 review article. By doing so we wanted to generate online leads and sales.

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So are you interested? Read on!

Campaign Objective

  1. Drive organic traffic by ranking our Designo Pro 2 review article for branded and non-branded keywords in Google.
  2. To drive buyer referral traffic from platforms such as Quora to generate leads and sales.

Solution and Our Approach

  1. We wrote an in-depth Designo Pro 2 review article and published it on our blog.
  2. Next step was to run different SEO link building campaigns to generate backlinks to the review article.
  3. Identification of top questions on Quora platform related to Designo Pro 2 product and its niche. We answered those questions and gave a backlink to our review article.
  4. We also did social bookmarking of the published Designo Pro 2 review article onto high authority sites like Scoop.
  5. Our strategy also included sharing the review article on multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter.
  6. VMavericks ensured only product-centric branded and non-branded keywords are targeted while undertaking the discussed activities.
  7. The keywords being utilized were Designo Pro 2 features, Designo Pro 2 review, image editing software, photo editing software, image editing app, photo editing app, image animation software, image animation tool etc.


VMavericks is pleased to share that we got decent referral traffic majorly from Quora site as well as organic traffic from Google to our Designo Pro 2 review article. As a result, the traffic later converted for us in the form of sales. Check out below Google Analytics snapshot showing traffic sources.



Have a look at the below snapshot depicting Designo Pro-2 visitors, leads and sales figures generated from the discussed activities. The time frame of our SEO and launch jacking campaign was only two weeks, and we were able to keep garnering the below results during the period.



If you also want to run similar campaigns for any product, VMavericks is here to help you generate visitors, leads and sales to stay ahead of your competition.

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